3 Things to Remember On Your Way to a Job Interview

Quick tips for jobseekers from the point of view of interviewers

Rita Harun, A Loft Affair’s team member who is also a HR practitioner of 15 years

Under the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) that is set to rejuvenate the economy in the country, jobseekers are reportedly increased in numbers following businesses’ downsizing during the months of lockdown. As competition rises to grab the limited offers, Rita Harun of A Loft Affair who is a Human Resource practitioner with 15 years of experience has 3 tips on what interviewers would scan through for candidates.


This is the lasting impression that the interviewer would measure commitment and discipline from, so making it to the interview place early is vital. Rita also said that being early at an interview helps candidates to relax and stay calm before coming in to present themselves for the job that they dream of. “30 minutes early would help you as an interview candidate to be prepared because an interview session can be very intense and can make you nervous,” she said.


Employers depend heavily on how one brings themselves during the interview to avoid hiring people that contradict with the company’s values. Rita advises candidates to portray a certain level of confidence to convince the interviewer that you are ready to take on the challenges that comes with the job that you are applying for.


“Education is important but so is attitude. If I were to choose between an academically qualified person and the one that shows a good attitude, I would pick the latter,” said Rita, referring to employers’ concern on training new employees to take in their values and system to achieve the goals they need.

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