Why Falling in Love Doesn’t Last? – Part 2

Why Falling in Love Doesn’t Last? – Part 1

Falling in Love is a process of breaking the barrier between two individuals. Therefore, this process comes with great intensity such as lust and desire. Once the excitement wears off, the feeling of being in love will dissolve. This doesn’t mean Love has disappeared, but what seemed to have disappeared is the process of breaking the barrier. Once a couple gets to know each other intimately, there will be no more barriers between them. Therefore, this level of intensity is no longer required to connect them.

What Happens After We ‘Fall in Love’?

Love relationship evolves. Once the chemistry of intensity dissolves, the relationship is entering into the next level. At this point, intensity moves at a slower pace. Naturally, it helps us get to know our other half better and directly gives us emotional comfort. The slow pace of lust and desire allows us to settle down and redirect our focus on building a life together. This stage also reveals the true colours of an individual’s personality.

The challenges many couples find at this stage is longing for the same intensity they experienced when they fell in love. This is also one of the reasons why some couples seek to fulfil the desire outside of their relationship when they couldn’t replicate one.

Different Intensity

If a couple could embrace the slow pace of their relationship, they will discover that the strength of Love also evolves from physical intimacy to a Soul level. Once the expansion takes place, they could experience a peaceful, loving relationship that comes with deep respect and trust. The relationship that reaches this level is hard to be broken by outside forces.

Although falling in love feels good, it never sustains for a long period. To keep your loving relationship healthy and lasting, you must embrace the changes without expecting the intensity of lust and desire to be same as before.

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