Why Falling in Love Doesn’t Last? – Part 1

Why Falling in Love Doesn’t Last? – Part 1

Have you ever fallen in love? For many centuries, we are conditioned to believe that falling in love is the deepest expression of Love one could have. To fall in love, we seek someone or something to fall into. For example, when we were children, we fell in love with toys, idols or foods and when we grow up, the desire to fall in love evolved into intimacy or the need to connect with others.

If we look at the process of ‘falling in love’, we see similar patterns that we always find something outside of us to fall in love with. Why outside of us? Is falling in love the highest expression of Love? Let’s unfold the meaning of falling in love on energy level.

The Attraction of Our Openness

Every human is born differently and energetically. Each of us has a unique magnet and openness to attract others into our lives. When a person could fill our openness and give us a sense of energy fulfilment, an experience of special attraction takes place. The familiar feeling we get is “He/she completes me”.

Biochemistry at Play

Once attraction is in place, our body starts to respond to the chemistry level. It also boosts certain emotions to help us be aware of the connection. For example, when the body releases the energy of lust, intense desire and happiness, it makes us feel irresistible towards the other person. We defined this as Love, and the feeling is real. However, this is just the beginning of every loving relationship. It starts with intensity because only through an intense process we are able to connect intimately with others.

The question is; why can’t we maintain the intensity in our love relationship? What’s changed after a couple gets married? What can we do to keep Love in the relationship? In the next issue, we’ll discover what happens after falling in Love.

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