Vegan Values at Samurai Ramen

Vegan Values at Samurai Ramen 5
Vegan Values at Samurai Ramen 2
Delicious meat-free side dishes to complement your meal

Konnichiwa! Irrasshaimase! (Good day and Welcome!) We checked out the first all vegan Japanese restaurant here in AEON Tebrau City. Serving an assortment of vegan dishes which includes ramen, rice bowls and side dishes, Samurai Ramen Umami Restaurant offers delicious healthy food at affordable prices.

Complementing the vegan menu, they serve food prepared without any MSG (mono sodium glutamate), alcohol, or any kind meat (no animal or seafood), whilst still preserving the authentic Japanese umami flavour.

Samurai Ramen has achieved to recreate the authentic umami flavour by using soy bean, potatoes, and vegetable essence in their dishes, sauces and soups.

Vegan Values at Samurai Ramen 1
Samurai Ramen (noodle) with choice of side dishes

Besides serving traditional vegan food, Samurai Ramen also prepares a special menu item known as the “Ninja Ramen” (RM22.90), which is an oriental vegan dish. Oriental vegan dishes are prepared without any of the 5 pungent flavours in cooking which are onions, garlic, leeks, chives, and spring onions. Otherwise, enjoy a plate of Japanese Style Curry Rice priced at RM18.90.

A warm welcoming organic green tea drink will be served upon seating. This special Chiran green tea has medicinal benefits for consumers which go well with the vegan menu.

Special daily and monthly promotions will be ongoing at Samurai Ramen such as Breakfast and Lunch Sets which includes a hearty meal and a complimentary drink. An order of the Signature Samurai Ramen lunch set which comes with a choice of vegetable sushi or curry rice side dish only costs RM24.90.

Vegan Values at Samurai Ramen 4
Samurai Ramen Umami Restaurant located at Level 3, AEON Tebrau City

Children are not left out as there are some options ranging from Mild Curry Kids Plate with a drink (RM15.90) to various side menus to choose from.

To take home your authentic Japanese experience, purchase a Samurai Ramen souvenir pack for two at RM32.90. The pack comprises of 2 servings of Ramen, Samurai soup paste, chilli flakes, 2 sets of wooden chopsticks, a “how-to-cook” guide, and a collectible Japanese card game (single card).

Pay a visit to Samurai Ramen Umami Restaurant at AEON Tebrau City, Level 3 (lot S107) to try their Spicy Ramen Challenge and win a special prize!  The restaurant is open daily from 10am to 10pm. For reservations, call 0183753151.

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