Untold Tales of Reality

Untold Tales of Reality

KOMAS Freedom Film Fest (FFF) made a comeback this year and its first showcase down-south recently commenced at Southern University College that featured a series of short films entitled ‘Ida’s Choice’, ‘Kisah Ayahku’, and ‘Lak Boh Ki/Drop Nowhere’.

As the Freedom Film Fest have been centering ideas around basic human rights and bringing up social issues happening around us as an eye-opener to the audiences, the trio short films produced by local and Singaporean talents exhibited the reality of indistinct stigma of our culture and civil rights that may impact the way of our thinking.

The showcase gathered almost 100 audiences who were in awe when ‘Kisah Ayahku’ portrayed the director, Ashleigh Lim’s father’s experience and perseverance in his past life between 1968 to 1974 who was detained without trial under the Internal Security Act for his involvement in the Labour Party which was mistaken to pro-communist leanings.

Untold Tales of Reality
Freedom Film Fest Showcase at Southern University College that featured ‘Lak Boh Ki’, ‘Kisah Ayahku’, and ‘Ida’s Choice’

“I was inspired to produce this film to fill up the missing pieces of history that happened before in our country. We may not find these valuable tales in our school textbooks but through short films like this, and I hope it enables the audience to acknowledge and learn something out of it,” said the Muar-born director during the showcase.

‘Ida’s Choice’ exhibited the life and fate of Chow Kit children and depicted young Ida in making her life decisions in the hope to get a better adulthood future apart from dealing with complications such as poverty, drugs, social problems, uncertain jobs, and her surroundings while living with her twin sister and foster mother.

It is a stifling situation to accept the stigma is still ongoing around us, yet overcoming the troubles are distorted and also stirred audiences’ emotions to rethink and compare each life’s journey in reaching a perfect happy tale.

‘Lak Boh Ki’ or known as Drop Somewhere in Hainanese that was produced by Singaporean animation director, Ang Qing Sheng illustrated mind boggling and palm-sweating scene of a toddler on his way to get a dropped plush doll on the ledge outside of his HDB apartment window which later left the audiences questioning the reaction of nearby neighbours on the block based on their culture and the way they live their lives.

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