Truckin’ Food: Vol. Two

Truckin’ Food: Vol. Two

Fussing over dinner choices is a norm in our everyday life but fret not as we are going to help you solve that problem with a list of food trucks at Seri Austin Food Truck Park that will help you with your dining woes.

Truckin’ Food: Vol. Two 8
Fry N Furious’s crispy Mozzarella cheese sticks, a favourite with all ages

Fry N Furious
Fry N Furious, offers deep fried favourites from the fryer. Whet your appetite with their Crispy Mozzarella Cheese Sticks which are lightly breaded and fried. Explore new culinary boundaries with their Japanese Shishamo fish that are imported from Japan. Also breaded and deep fried to golden brown perfection, your first bite will be greeted by an acquired taste of cooked roe! Attracting a variety of customers, they serve affordable treats ranging from RM4 to RM7.

Truckin’ Food: Vol. Two 4
Enjoy a non-typical side dish, Daging Dendeng with your Nasi Lemak, apart from the usual fried chicken at Six Barrels & Co.

Six Barrels & Co.
Fancy Nasi Lemak? The Six Barrels food truck offers the Malaysian favourite with a selection of side dishes from aromatic Ayam Goreng Berempah, tradi

tional Ayam Rendang and their specialty, Daging Dendeng. Hafiz of Six Barrels revealed the secret to their tasty Nasi Lemak is family recipes passed down through generations and with its spicy sambal, we are sure you will be in for a treat. Ranging from RM8 to RM9 they offer an affordable wholesome meal for you and your family.

Truckin’ Food: Vol. Two 5
Familia Kitchen’s Takoyaki topped off with generous serving of katsuobushi or fish flakes

Familia Kitchen
Enjoy deep fried chicken chop, served with chips coupled with Chef Lan’s special black pepper sauce; a milder and sweeter version of the usual. With its hefty portions and tender juicy fillets, both adults and kids will enjoy it. Thinking of having a light dinner? Their Takoyaki is a perfect alternative, with its rich batter filled with sausages and topped off with generous servings of katsuobushi (fish flakes), giving it its trademark salty creamy flavours. Their price ranges from RM5 to RM8.

Truckin’ Food: Vol. Two 3
Mak Jah’s Penang Laksa is arguably one of the best RM5 per bowl laksa in town

Mak Jah Cafe
Featuring local noodle selections from Johor Laksa to its Penang counterpart, this F&B franchise started off with a café in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai many years ago and now operating their first food truck for almost a year. Also featuring their treasured family recipes, Bob, the proprietor is also the head Chef in charge of preparing all the food up to his standards. Selling every meal at a flat price of RM5 per bowl, this truck’s offerings are highly recommended. Try their best sellers, Johor and Penang laksa today, arguably the best tasting RM5 bowl of laksa you can get in town!

Truckin’ Food: Vol. Two 6
D’ Coffee Truck offering good coffee at affordable prices

D’Coffee Truck
Indulge in the passion of coffee by connoisseur duo, Wan and Azura at their small coffee truck, D’Coffee. Serving top quality imported Arabica beans from Columbia, each cup of coffee is brewed to order to ensure its freshness. We strongly recommend their flavoured latte and ice blended for a taste of real brewed coffee without a hefty price tag. Beverages sold here range from RM5 to RM12.50.

These trucks are a part of the Johor Bahru Food Truck Association (JBFTA) ensemble, and they can be found at the Seri Austin Food Truck Park every Monday to Wednesday from 6pm till 12am. This Park is the first of its kind in Johor Bahru, attracting all walks of life and providing an alternative dining option to the Seri Austin community.

Truckin’ Food: Vol. Two 7“The park serves as a meeting point for the community here and it also promotes community integration,” said Safuan Yusof, Director of Urban Observatory, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) who is a resident of Seri Austin.

Chief Executive Officer of UMLand Seri Austin, KK Wong, is proud that Seri Austin is the first township in Iskandar Malaysia to introduce a Food Truck Park.

“The food truck park is a part of our smart city, where they come to us, rather than the conventions of driving out for dinner, avoiding the expense of traveling and reducing carbon footprint,” said Wong.

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