The Squares of Sweetness

The Squares of Sweetness 6

From the original fluffy Belgian to fusion waffle, everyone has the tendency to crave for a plate of waffles once in a blue moon and here are some of our favourite picks.

The Squares of Sweetness 2
Fork & Dagger Sweet Herb Lemon drink

Fork & Dagger by Agora (No. 11, Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru)

When you’re in town, head to Fork & Dagger for a plateful of Waffle Magnum topped with four different fruit cutlets and chocolate syrup drizzled on a Magnum Almond Ice Cream Bar!

The Squares of Sweetness 1
Fork & Dagger Waffle Magnum

Have it your way to eat the ice cream first or melt it down together with the fresh fruits for a balanced combo of zesty sweetness in the mouth. Thereafter, have a glass of Sweet Herb Lemon drink to cleanse the thick aftertaste. The blue drink itself is loaded with healthy ingredients such as lemongrass, mint, lychees, asam boi, and lime for a fresh gusto detox.

Dining in a big group? Go crazy with Luxury Waffle topped with chocolates such as Kinder Bueno, Hershey Kisses, Ferrero Rocher, Daim, Oreo biscuits, and scoops of ice cream sprinkled with cocoa powder.  Their waffles are reasonably priced starting from RM4.50 for classic waffles to Waffle Magnum at RM13.90 and Luxury Waffle is priced at RM25.

The Squares of Sweetness 3
Homies Chocolate Banana waffle

Homies by Just Want Coffee (Jalan Molek 1/27, Taman Molek)

Bet you have come across several Just Want Coffee (JWC) outlets but each has its signature concept and so does Homies that centralises around ‘feels just like home’ especially with the arrangement of the store’s interior decoration and cozy furnishing.

The Squares of Sweetness 4
Homies Chocolate Banana waffle

Indulge in their best-selling Chocolate Banana Waffles topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, mousse cream sprinkled with cocoa powder, two banana slices and a bowl of chocolate syrup on the side. The dessert arrangement was made convenient especially for picky eaters that love their food plain and unmixed.

Crunch on a hot golden brown waffle that’s crispy yet fluffy and soft on the inside made out of Japanese imported flour. Mix it together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream strewed with biscotti slices to get a simultaneous hot and cold experience. If you arrive on an empty stomach, this delight is certainly fulfilling at the price of RM16.90 per plate. Macha green tea lovers can try the premium Royal Macha Red bean waffle for RM18.90.

The Squares of Sweetness 5
Shakespeare Kinder Bueno Shake and Turkey Ham with Cheese croffle

Shakespeare Milkshakes (No. 9, Jalan Trus, Johor Bahru)

Previously an ice cream parlour, Shakespeare Milkshakes now offer variety of desserts and recently introduced an easy grab and go comfort food, known as the Savoury Croffles (a marriage between croissant and waffle). Inspired by Panini sandwiches, Shakespeare’s croffles are wrapped and stuffed with either tuna with olives, turkey ham with cheese, or beef pastrami with cheese.

Prepared with local made croissants, the croffle gets its shape after being pressed in the waffle iron for several minutes. We totally dig this croffle and it makes the perfect Insta moment too. Savour every bite which simply melts in the mouth.

The Squares of Sweetness
Shakespeare Turkey Ham with Cheese croffle

The croffles are served elegantly on a wooden waffle rack and there is an option to pair it with a tall glass of Shakespeare’s signature Kinder Bueno Shake to brighten your day. If croffles doesn’t excite you, stick to their sweet waffles such as Salted Caramel Affogato, Chocolate Banana or Uji Matcha.

The small savoury croffles are priced at RM8, and sweet waffles are at RM15. The milkshakes start from RM10. Another sweet deal up for grabs is the 15% discount on takeaways on any purchase from their menu.

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