The Only Accounting Firm with 6 Hour Work Days

The Only Accounting Firm with 6 Hour Work Days 2

Would you believe the possibility of working just six hours a day? Well you can if you’re an accountant at NK Associates. The accounting firm based in Puchong, Selangor originally applied the system when its principal partner, N Krishnan was inspired after Sweden announced its own adjustment in office hours.

Krishnan explained that the main focus of this model is to strike a balance between work and leisure without compromising on the productivity of the organisation’s employees. This is based on embracing three aspects which includes entrepreneurship, transparency of remuneration and conducive work arrangement.

NK Associates have proven that 6 hour work days improve productivity and effectiveness in performing numerical tasks

“Research shows that most workers in major cities spend between two to three hours a day travelling to work. This is stressful and unproductive. Our model allows you to work six hours a day, where you go in as early as 7am and leave at 1pm.  Alternatively, you can also start at 2pm and finish work at 8pm.”

This model is also ideal for working mothers and students who will have the liberty to choose their working schedule according to their needs and responsibilities.

The six hour work module is also reinforced with an adjusted remuneration system based on the productivity of the staff. They also need to reserve or book work space and they don’t need to apply for leave compared to conventional office procedures.

“You also can think of it, in a way, where you have to apply for work rather than to apply for leave. This is carried out through a space booking system which we have developed ourselves,” said Geedhesh Nair of NK JB office.

He explained that the booking system allows the staff to book their work space at least a week in advance, allowing everybody to know each other’s work schedule and manage their time better.

The happy staffs of NK Associates Johor Bahru office

For an accounting firm that’s been around for over a decade, Krishnan explained that convincing his people of the idea was not an easy task initially. However upon implementation the response has been significantly positive and this is reflected in the staff morale and acceptance levels.

“We live in the 21st Century, and we have so many tools at our disposal. It would have been a waste if we do not use them to manage our people and resources. We had to learn new things and getting people out of their comfort zone was a challenge,” added Krishnan.

He further explained, “This model can be extended to most organisations in various sectors with some customisations; taking into account the required industry parameters. We also intend to promote and market this model to our clients who show interest in adopting it and providing their employees a work life balance”.

NK Associates operates from its Head Office in Puchong, Selangor and has branches in Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Sitiawan.

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