The Booming Increase of International Schools in Johor

The Booming Increase of International Schools in Johor 1

The recent years have seen an increase in the number of international schools in Johor Bahru. Despite the gargantuan amount the fees may come up to, the number of international schools are still rising, being a popular choice among parents, with there being more than 10 international schools in Johor.

Despite the big-talk of the impressive features and aspects offered to students by these schools, there has been discussion and debate over whether they actually differ from normal public schools, and my answer to that is yes, they do.

Over the years, cases of bullying have become more frequent, controversial and more endangering. Most of these cases usually occur in public schools, with only a tiny percentage of it occurring in international schools, prompting the question why? I opine that the stricter rules at public schools may prompt students to go against the school’s rules in a rebellious manner. Whereas, international schools are more reasonable with their rulings, despite remaining mildly strict, which is preferred by the students, resulting into a better understanding. In the long term, this means that more students tend to obey their teachers and elders, leading to fewer cases, and a safer and more comfortable working and studying environment for teachers and students.

International schools may even be described as being more open than public schools, ensuring more freedom for their students and teachers. Certain schools embrace the option to freely dress on certain days, as long as it’s appropriate, something not available in public schools.

The students’ social life doesn’t differ much between public and international schools, but they do differ in their school life. Students in international school tend to be more vocal in giving their feedback to the school, and getting the opportunity to play sports during their free periods or break times.

Strategically, the sudden booming of international schools has been well placed in Johor Bahru. A bridge away from Singapore and with an airport close by in Senai, it allows Singaporeans and foreigners to join the schools easily. However, financially, these schools require huge funds and investments for development. The fees may be a downside as only the middle or upper class families can afford it. However, many feel that the fees are worth it as the syllabus taken in certain British international schools here are more recognisable worldwide compared to our local SPM examinations.

Studying at international schools is also better in terms of quality and quantity. It offers more subjects than SPM with a conducive learning experience such as the IGCSE examinations that offers a wholesome education and help students to be more vocal, open and achieve a smarter mindset.

The booming increase of the growth and development of international schools in Johor Bahru has been caused by the success of these schools being able to nurture students into future leaders, offering them a better education, along with a more advanced and accommodating learning experience for the students, making international schools a better option for parents wanting to give their kids a primary and secondary education.

*This article is solely the writer’s point of view.

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