Steamed Fish Specialty at Fat Fish JB

Steamed Fish Specialty at Fat Fish JB
Steamed Fish Specialty at Fat Fish JB 2
To ensure that the fish is equally cooked on its topside, use the soup ladle [Left] to drizzle boiling broth over the fish while the spatula inserted under the fish is for shifting the fish about to avoid getting its underside charred!
If you are a fan of fish and are skilled in eating a whole fish to savour every morsel of tender flesh, then dining at Fat Fish Johor Bahru will simply be a sheer delight.

There’s something comforting about savouring freshly-steamed fish, sipping its hot broth and slurping the rich tasty flavours, right to the bottom of the hot plate. Diners here are discovering the simple pleasures of eating their signature dish of whole fish served in bubbling hot broth and are coming back for more.

This dining concept of serving Chinese fusion food in a trendy café, designed with an industrial ambiance, is the brainchild of Executive Chef Teo Wang Jieh and his partner, Xue Nie.

Steamed Fish Specialty at Fat Fish JB 3
Extras to add to your meal include [Clockwise] udon, handmade noodles, egg noodles and fried buns
Both were culinary trained in Melbourne, and share a hobby in travelling and enjoying good food. While seeking an opportunity to open their restaurant, they applied their experience garnered in Australia in catering for private events hosted at interesting venues.

It was the taste of a fish dish in Tientsin, China, which inspired them to apply Western-style cooking into Chinese food and the creation of a similar dish in Fat Fish JB but in a choice of flavours that pleases local palates.

“Nothing tastes like fresh fish,” said Teo who explains that fish are locally sourced for a more consistent taste and premium fish are served for a more satisfying meal.

Steamed Fish Specialty at Fat Fish JB 1
Executive Chef Teo Wang Jieh presents the restaurant’s signature dish, whole fish in bubbling broth, topped with side orders of seafood and vegetables

While every order is individually cooked, no effort is spared to prepare the fish and broth base in advance.

To place your order, pick your choice of fish – supplied fresh daily from Kukup.  They use choices of fish that weigh around 700kg including barramundi (RM76.30), red snapper (RM97.30) and grouper (RM125.30) or seasonal specials like jade perch (RM125.30).

Then pick your broth from four flavours ranging from Japanese Miso, Seafood and Mushrooms, Sichuan Hot and Spicy, to Tomato. This is when you inform the order-taker of your preference for less salt or more spice in your broth.

For more seafood, just choose from add-on items like baby octopus (RM9.90), clams (RM9.90), mussels (RM11.90), sea prawns (RM12.90), sliced abalone (RM9.90) and yabby lobsters (RM19.90).

Steamed Fish Specialty at Fat Fish JB
Façade of Fat Fish JB at Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru

For your convenience, there is also a serving of prawns, clams, baby octopus and sliced abalone in the Seafood Platter (RM38.90).

Vegetable Platters come in two sizes, small (RM15.90) and large (RM23.90) which includes abalone mushrooms, soya bean sprouts, potato slices, Chinese cabbage, Enoki mushrooms and tofu cubes.

Egg noodles, handmade noodles, udon (RM4.90 each) fried buns (RM5.90), and steamed rice (RM2.90) are extras to satisfy your carb-cravings but the crispy fried fish skins (RM5.90) are just irresistible too!

Fat Fish JB [Halal-sourced ingredients] 97 Jalan Beringin, Taman Melodies, 80250 Johor Bahru.  Tel: 607 – 3309420.  Open 6pm to 12am.  Closed Monday.

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