Special Auxiliary Police Team for Forest City

Special Auxiliary Police Team for Forest City

As Forest City project by Country Garden Pacific View (CGPV) is rapidly progressing, an auxiliary police team for Forest City has been set up and took effect early last month with a mission to instill security and public order in the project area.

The team consisting of approximately 260 members, started off with 20 recruits as “Leaders of Country Garden Pacific View (CGPV) Auxiliary Police team”. The number of workforce will then increase gradually depending on the needs and size of the development of the megaproject.

“The process of application and approval for Forest City Auxiliary Police team establishment would not be possible without any cooperation and attention of the police. In addition, the project area will be equipped with the latest technology that involves intelligent surveillance system in line with the concept of integrated modern city”.

“Along with these objectives, the strategic cooperation between the auxiliary police and the police should be strengthened in prevention of crimes at Forest City,” said Executive Director CGPV, Datuk Md Othman bin Yusof at the event of Forest City Auxiliary Police certification hand over.

Besides the recruitment, special training and exposure to modern policing tasks will be given to members. A supply of appropriate equipment will be taken into account so that it corresponds to the level of Forest City as a city of international standing.

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