Segget Updates: Community Based Design Landscape

Segget Updates: Community Based Design Landscape

The Sungai Segget Rejuvenation project under the Johor Bahru Transformation (JBT) Programme is entering its third phase which involves landscaping and beautification of the area.

Segget Updates: Community Based Design Landscape 1
Proposed Concept for Sungai Segget Landscape Plan

The JBT Programme aimed to revitalise Johor Bahru, by providing thriving economic activities, city living and amenities that are aligned with the vision of Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru (MBJB) and Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA).

Since 2010, the JBT programme has conducted a series of engagement with the various stakeholders involved including affected property and business owners along with the public. These engagements will continue to inform and obtain feedback from them on the various related components of the transformation.

Maimunah Jaffar, Head of Planning & Compliance of IRDA related that the design for the Segget landscape proposed is ‘a community based design’ derived from a series of seven previous engagements with the community between 2016 and 2017.

Segget Updates: Community Based Design Landscape
IRDA’s Head of Projects and PMO, Mohd Zam Mustaman with Maimunah answering questions on Phase Three of the project

“The final engagements will be held on 16th and on 21st August in conjunction with a community-led initiative conducted by Dr Sharifah Salwa from UTM, which IRDA supports,” said Maimunah adding that IRDA will engage the public and obtain their feedback on the design of the Segget landscape.

Aiming to bring back the soul of Sungai Segget as one of the major tourist destinations of Johor, the proposed plan optimises road design to allow 60% pedestrian and 40% vehicular access which generates more economic activities to attract visitors and encourage land owners to develop their businesses in line with the project.

The design will also incorporate heritage, cultural and recreational elements. Once completed, Sungai Segget, is ideal for recreation purposes for all ages, transforming it into the pulse of Johor Bahru city centre. The three-proposed landscape concept are the Historical and Heritage Zone, Cultural and Art Zone, and Fun and Leisure Zone.

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