Raya Boon for Kampung Melayu Majidi Folks

Raya Boon for Kampung Melayu Majidi Folks 5
Raya Boon for Kampung Melayu Majidi Folks
Fishermen of Kampung Melayu Majidi have seen their catch dwindle as a result of land reclamation and development on the banks of Sungai Tebrau and the Straits of Johor

Additional donations have allowed Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Care United, to supply much needed groceries to 200 families from Kampung Melayu Majidi here in Johor Bahru.

This is the first time that food aid have been given out during Ramadan to two different villages in Care United’s 14-year history of giving assistance to Johor Bahru’s poor inhabitants.

In addition to the grocery items containing items such as rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, flour, evaporated milk, malt drinks, canned food, biscuit packs and other essentials, each of the 200 families.

Raya Boon for Kampung Melayu Majidi Folks 1
Together with the recipients of the aid to Kampung Melayu Majidi courtesy of Azimuth Marine Sdn Bhd

“Over the past 14 years we have been able to give groceries and ‘duit raya’ to one village, which is Kampung Skudai Kiri. But this year, we received additional funds from sponsors to enable us to distribute another round of aid and this time it’s the needy of Kampung Melayu Majidi,” said Datuk Florence Goh, Care United’s Founding President.

Datuk Florence took the opportunity to thank the media for their coverage of the grocery distribution event at Kampung Skudai Kiri on 30th May that she attributes to Care United receiving RM50,000 from Azimuth Marine Sdn Bhd for today’s event.

Raya Boon for Kampung Melayu Majidi Folks 2
Sorting out the recipients

“Azimuth Marine Sdn Bhd donated RM50,000 and we had allocated RM20,000 for today’s cash aid and the balance of RM30,000 for our Back-To-School Project and Science Fair 2018-2019 which will take place on 27th October 2018 at Kompleks Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat,” she added.

Care United’s Back-To-School Project is the NGO’s main annual event where an estimated 10,000 underprivileged school children receive assistance to get a head start in their school year.

Raya Boon for Kampung Melayu Majidi Folks 4
A better Raya for 2018

Care United also handed out a stack of applications for the Back-To-School programme to the headmaster of the nearby school to fill-up on behalf of the kampung’s deserving children.

This event was held together with ‘Majlis Menyantuni Asnaf’ organised by Badan Kebajikan Islam Kampung Melayu Majidi.

Present at the event was the Chairperson of Badan Kebajikan Islam Kampung Melayu Majidi, Encik Mohd Ali bin Mohd Salleh who have volunteered with Care United’s Back-To-School events in the past and his committee members.

Raya Boon for Kampung Melayu Majidi Folks 3
Care United’s Founding President Datuk Florence Goh, 2nd from the front left with Encik Mohd Ali bin Mohd Salleh, Chairperson of Badan Kebajikan Islam Kampung Melayu Majidi, 3rd from the left with committee members of the BKIKMM and fishermen of the village

“Our deserving school children have benefited from Care United’s Back-To-School progammes in previous years and this time, their families also will enjoy a better Raya from the food aid and cash from Care United,” said En Mohd Ali bin Mohd Salleh.

Care United are a tax-exempt NGO and all donations above RM50 are tax deductable.

As an NGO involved in community building events, they welcome contributions from corporate organisations and the public.

Care United can be contacted at 607-357 6899 or visit their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/CareUnitedJB

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