MyFarm Outlet Opens Second Branch in Johor

MyFarm Outlet Opens Second Branch in Johor 2

Koperasi Iskandar Malaysia Berhad (imCoop) dubbed as second MyFarm Outlet programme in Johor has opened its doors to the public in Pengerang, aiming to offer customers with savings from 5% to 20% on fresh and agricultural products.

Pengerang imCoop which is also owned and operated by Koperasi Pengerang Kota Tinggi Berhad (KOPETI) is imCoop’s 12th outlet operating in collaboration with related agencies such as Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA) and Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission (SKM).

Launched by Menteri Besar Johor, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, it is also a symbol of supporting the Johor State Government in ensuring positive mission to ease the plight of the local community against high living costs in Johor.

“The joint venture partnership in opening imCoop outlet under JV 4 was indeed a proven effort by the co-operatives to venture in retail business which is indeed possible through financial grant by the state government and soft loan by SKM. It is a waste if local co-operatives miss out on the opportunities by standing still as passive observers and not coming forward as players in opening their own imCoop’s outlet even with the given support,” said Chairman of KOPETI, Tahir Aris.

Chairman of Koperasi Iskandar Malaysia Berhad (imCoop), Syed Salim said that opening the second fair outlet in Pengerang after its first based inside RAPID camp is in tandem with the massive development of RAPID project by Petronas that offers economic profit since there are high demands from the growing population in the area.

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