Mid-Autumn Charity Fundraising by Stellar

Mid-Autumn Charity Fundraising by Stellar

Stellar Preschool has joyfully completed a very meaningful charity fundraiser. Their handmade moon cake and orange jam which was pre-ordered on their “Mid-Autumn Charity Fundraising Event” on October 7, has successfully raised RM5,000. The amount raised was donated to “Cheng En children’s home” on Oct 21, 2017. In conjunction with this, Stellar Preschool would like to take this opportunity to express their heartfelt gratitude towards the full support and generosity from everyone who was part of this charity fundraiser.

Mid-Autumn Charity Fundraising by Stellar 2Daniel Loh, the founder of Stellar Preschool, mentioned that the main objectives of these charity activities are to create a platform to contribute to communities in practical ways. At the same time, this helps promote love and care for the community to cultivate helpful virtues. In addition, Stellar Preschool has pledged to give their utmost support and work closely with “Cheng En Children Home” to help their children receive quality preschool education at Stellar Preschool and work together for their children’s education. Stellar Preschool have also invited the children from “Children’s House” this coming Friday to join the children of Stellar Preschool to joyfully celebrate children’s day and bring about a happy and memorable Children’s Day Celebration.

“Cheng En Children’s Home” was founded on October 15, 2016. It is a non-profit charitable organization, led by several caring individuals to help the underprivileged children in our society, such as orphans or single-parent families’ children. They are committed to creating a stable and caring home so that the children do not have to worry about their accommodation and education.

Mid-Autumn Charity Fundraising by Stellar 1At this present moment, there are eight children from two to twelve years old, who are either from single parent families or who have experienced domestic violence or poverty. Some of the parents who are unable to raise their children will send them to “Cheng En Children’s Home”. The monthly expense for the Children Home cost about RM8,000, and they rely on contributions of one off or long-term donations from the public. In addition, they encourage the public to help with subsidies for the children’s living expenses and school fees to help them with their current difficulties.

For more information, please contact Ms Loh at 018-954 3116.

Visit Time: Monday to Sunday between 2:00PM and 5:00PM. For other timings, please do make an appointment.

Details of donations to Cheng En, please bank into the following account:

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Cheng En JB

Maybank Berhad A/C No. 501534111836

Your support and donations will be greatly appreciated!

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