May Drill: Juee Teng – Sales & Creative Director (DJ&CO Lifestyle, By MOCOF)

May Drill: Juee Teng – Sales & Creative Director (DJ&CO Lifestyle, By MOCOF)

Holding a BSc (Hons) in Industrial Design in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Juee comes from humble beginnings and got involved in the designing world very early. In her learning days, she practiced her industrial training at Orcadesign Consultants, one of the leading industrial design consultancies, based in Skudai, Johor Bahru. Afterwards she joined Shimano in 2011, a Japanese Company based in Pekan Nanas, Johor. Since then, she had an opportunity to work in Osaka, Japan, learning with multi-national experts from different fields such as business marketing, product design, packaging design, mechanical engineering and manufacturing process. The job also provided her the opportunity to travel around Japan and Europe to explore international good quality designs, resulting in an exposure to  international design standards.

Starting DJ&CO Lifestyle by MOCOF in 2014, Juee and her partner Danny are soaring to greater heights in Iskandar Malaysia.

Tell us about the services that DJ&CO Lifestyle by MOCOF provides?

We design, develop and sell high quality space-saving furniture-SPAZE and also provide space-saving consultation to customers that need help with their space-utilisation. Instead of worrying about space constraints, we are here to help and inspire customers to make the most out of their space.

You deliver to your customers worldwide; why not just use agents instead of doing it yourself?

It’s simple; we want our customers to be happy and satisfied. I’m not just a business person but I’m also an industrial designer. Therefore, customers’ satisfaction and feedback are very important for me to improve designs and create a reliable brand name and future for our company.

How is the furniture and interior design scene in Johor?

Since we’re related to both furniture and ID field, I feel the future will be getting more emphasised with regards to “purposeful space” and “space utilisation”.  People feel better in places where they can be inspired and have a purpose to everything surrounding their living environment.

May Drill: Juee Teng – Sales & Creative Director (DJ&CO Lifestyle, By MOCOF) 1What is the unique touch of DJ&CO Lifestyle by MOCOF?

We practice design thinking in our business and design. We are problem solvers, innovative and creative in our work. Since we are designers too, we highly emphasise on users’ experience. For example, we designed our Wall Bed so anyone, including the elderly can lift it up effortlessly. Since we understand the manufacturing process of our products, we greatly focus on the quality of the product and durability to meet international standards.

What are among the latest projects you’ve worked on?

Latest developer project in Johor is the Sakura Residence, a joint venture project by Daiwa House Malaysia & Sunway Iskandar.

Daiwa House is Japan’s largest homebuilder, specialising in prefabricated houses and I was very lucky to meet Managing Director Daiwa House Malaysia, Daisuke Usugi, Deputy Managing Director Daiwa House Malaysia, Kazuhiko Murayama and his team. They are forward thinking and passionate about their projects, and always thinks for the best and the future of their customers, which is the same vision as DJ&CO lifestyle by MOCOF. They appreciate our products’ design, trusted quality and service.

Usugi has an engineering background and Kazu is an architect, and both of them quickly identified our products’ quality when they visited our showroom for the first time. They know how to choose the best for their customers!

We currently share our customers’ feedback to each other and it’s an honour for us to have SPAZE furniture in their first landed luxury property project in Malaysia.

Is Iskandar Malaysia a good market to offer your services?

Iskandar Malaysia will be the future big city in Johor. For us, this is the future with infinite possibilities.

What are among the challenges of the market that you have faced?

Space-saving furniture concept is a new concept to most of the customers here. Therefore, we have to educate our clients that space-saving furniture is not limited to small space only. Regardless of landed property or apartment, everyone can enjoy full functionality and comfort by using our space-saving furniture. Of course it saves space for small houses and it’s also easy to clean without collecting dust compared to big houses.

We have the impression that everything around us, not only the design industry is in a rush. However, a good design takes time that yearns for the opposite. For us, a good design in our company is not just about giving in to trends or having short sighted purposes, but being focused on quality and durability. It’s a long term relationship with customers.

What do you do in your free time?

My hands are full with works ever since Danny and I started DJ&CO lifestyle, by MOCOF, so I don’t really have much free time. But if I have time, I love to travel, read lifestyle and design related magazines with my favourite black coffee at Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters (smiles)!

What is next from DJ&CO Lifestyle by MOCOF?

We aim to upgrade our showroom to the most advanced Transformable Furniture showroom in Johor Bahru, and will also continue to introduce good designs and innovative furniture to Johorians. Danny and I will continue to pursue our passion in good design, innovation and finally the most important aspect is to serve the best to our customers.

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