Internationally Acclaimed McMillan Woods Global Awards 2018

Internationally Acclaimed McMillan Woods Global Awards 2018 3

Internationally Acclaimed McMillan Woods Global Awards 2018McMillan Woods Global, a global association based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and headquartered in the United Kingdom, believes that many of its global firms continue their never-ending drive to succeed in business regardless of the present global economic conditions. It is for this reason, that the McMillan Woods Global unveiled yet another glorious award year – McMillan Woods Global Awards 2018 with the theme of the Roaring 20s – The Great Gatsby!

The McMillan Woods Awards 2018 kicked off by hosting its gala dinner at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Hosted by McMillan Woods Global, it was designed with a prime focus to highlight and recognise the achievements of the global leading business visionaries across all industry sectors,   as well as honouring their contributions towards global transformation and nation-building.

This global award ceremony is aimed not only to recognise entrepreneurs’ achievements and successes but to further encourage their determination to stay competitive and to overcome the many challenges globally.

Internationally Acclaimed McMillan Woods Global Awards 2018 2The global awards presentation aimed to create a solid platform for business networking opportunities among the successful and astute entrepreneurs.   These initiatives will serve as a catalyst for the emergence of new business potentials and spur the global industrial growth despite the current global economic slowdown. Undeniably, the McMillan Woods Global Awards 2018 is also aimed to target the crème de la crème leaders who have aspirations to chart the uncharted territories across the unknown horizon.

For this awards ceremony, the awards classifications were specially chosen for the three unique categories namely: McM Icons Awards, McM Masters Awards and McM Rising Stars Awards.

The award is a statement of solidarity and a foundation needed to achieve visions and missions of successful crème de la crème global leaders. It is an award to be reckoned with, for it belongs only in the hands of true leaders who will man their sails towards the finishing line and beyond. More importantly, the Global Award is seen as synonymous to the mark of excellence and distinction in the business community.  There are neither winners nor losers in this award recognition ceremony but only the best people and organisations that McMillan Woods Global recognises each year.

Internationally Acclaimed McMillan Woods Global Awards 2018 1
Dato’ Seri Raymond Liew, Founding President of McMillan Woods

Furthermore, the award ceremony has helped to provide a solid platform for the younger generation – The McM Rising Stars Awards to follow in the footsteps of these successful global leaders in pursuing their dreams.

McMillan Woods, also strongly believe that for CSR initiatives, it is the individuals who are the decisive composition of the corporate element hence under their signature CSR Drive – The McM Cares Programme, where together with the award recipients’ generous contributions; all surplus money is donated to help the underprivileged society.

The Guest of Honour present for the prestigious McMillan Woods Global Awards 2018 was Y.M. Tunku Dato’ Mu’tamir bin Tunku Tan Sri Mohamed who presented the awards to the recipients including Madam Gina Rinehart – the richest woman in Australia, Miss Elena Kong Mei, a renowned film star from Hong Kong, master illusionist Dr. Mahdi Moudini and supermodel Amber Chia amongst many other astute and successful entrepreneurs.

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