imCoop Opens at My Farm Outlet [email protected]

imCoop Opens at My Farm Outlet UTC@Galleria 3
imCoop Opens at My Farm Outlet UTC@Galleria
The freshest farm ingredients at imCoop’s My Farm [email protected]

imcoop opened its latest outlet dubbed as ‘My Farm Outlet’, which is the first of its kind in Johor, with the aim of reducing the cost of living of the public.

This outlet is backed by a strategic partnership between imCoop and various agencies including the National Strategic Unit under the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), the National Farmers Malaysia (NAFAS), the National Fisherman’s Association of Malaysia (NEKMAT) and the Urban Transformation Centre (UTC).

imCoop Opens at My Farm Outlet UTC@Galleria 4
Customers flocked imCoop’s My Farm [email protected] to grab the freshest

The outlet was launched by Datuk Haji Jais Sarday, the state EXCO for Education, Information, Development, Entrepreneurship and Cooperation as well as Syed Salim, Chairman of imCoop who said that this is the commitment of each agencies working together to ensure a significant benefit for the local community.

Serving as a platform for customers to get the best deals when they shop for farm fresh goods, the outlet received positive response from other Galleria tenants as well as the general public due to the 5% to 20% lower prices on goods.

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