How to Let Go Off a Painful Relationship? – Part 1

Why Giving Space in Your Relationship is Important? – Part 2

Previously, I wrote about Abusive Relationships and the energies that contribute to the endless cycle of pain. Today, we are going to explore some valuable tips to help you walk away from any painful relationships; if you choose to do so.

First, you have to understand its realistic process that to walk away from a painful relationship takes massive efforts to claim our free will. When one cannot claim his/her free will, they will choose to endure the pain than gaining the courage to walk away. The tipping point is the realisation that everything which happens in our life is based on our own manifestation.

Ask yourself; do you want to be free from a negative relationship? If you feel the truth deep in your body, then these signposts can help you gather your strength to end the suffering.

Realise that having a painful relationship is a choice

Although the union between two people are often fated, what happens throughout the journey together is likely through self-manifestation. When two people co-create the journey with aggressiveness, jealousy and manipulation, the result always manifests as pain. To realise that you have the power to choose not to be the victim is empowering. Through realisation, you will see that pain is an expression of the suffering we choose to endure. Once you realise that you can end the suffering, the pain itself will heal.

Find clarity and courage

Clarity is powerful. But clarity doesn’t happen through thinking because clarity is the wisdom of the body. Ever wonder why the more we think, the more we get confused? Once you find clarity within your body, courage will appear. To have these elements flow in your body, you must first decide whether to stay in the relationship and be the victim or to go ahead and claim your freedom.

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