Global Flavours at Ishwara

Global Flavours at Ishwara

Enjoy the fusion taste of the world at Ishwara Asian Brasserie and Terrace at Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor with their new International Buffet Lunch spread. Available from 12 to 2.30pm on weekdays, Ishwara offers a widespread of variety of over more than 30 selections that can cater to your druthers.

Global Flavours at Ishwara 1
Carved roasted lamb and chicken served with refreshing mint or tangy black pepper sauce

Start off your lunch feast with their line of appetisers and be spoilt for choice with both their mixed and fresh salad bars along with local salad equivalent of Rojak Buah, Rojak Petis or Rojak Asma.

Be reminded of the taste of fresh icy waters of the Artic sea and revel in superior assortment of fresh salmon, scallops, prawns and crabs on ice there – A generous serving of all you can eat seafood and definitely a change of sight from your normal buffet spread.

Moving on to the main course, relish in authentic Malay cuisine alongside fusion Chinese flavours, served with fluffy white rice. Appreciate Malaysian favourites such as the spicy Prawn Sambal that will break the sweat on your forehead and the rich savoury Mutton Kerisik; Ishwara’s rendition of the typical rendang.

Global Flavours at Ishwara 3
Try their superior assortment of fresh salmon, scallops, prawns and crabs on ice

Enjoy nomadic taste of Northern China with their Mongolian Chicken, served in spicy cream sauce with distinct oriental influence. Or indulge in Javanese cuisine such as Soto; a light gingery chicken broth available with either Nasi Impit or Mee Hoon complete with shredded chicken, fried glass noodle and ground nuts as condiments.

Have a go at their Spicy Butter Mackerel if you crave for something hotter than the usual creamy sauce variation. The Dried Chilli Tofu is also highly recommended, with its mild Cantonese signature Kam Heong sauce that is sure to appease your Chinese cuisine cravings.

Global Flavours at Ishwara 4
Feel the heat of their Prawn Sambal and Spicy Butter Mackerel

Let the rich and sweet flavours of the Slipper Lobster Hor Fun take over and savour the smoky goodness of a well-seasoned wok with every bite.

On the other hand, meat lovers can choose to opt for their carved roasted lamb and chicken at the live cooking stations. Served with refreshing mint or tangy black pepper sauce to suit your taste, they are both tender and well-seasoned to the bones!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with their impressive spread of dessert, ranging from Malay kuih such as Seri Muka and Kuih Bakar Pandan to intricately assembled French pastries. End your dine-in experience with the classic Ice Kacang, along with an assortment of toppings, guaranteed to cool you down.

Global Flavours at Ishwara 2Lunch comes with free flow coffee or tea, but alternatively, you can also enjoy it with a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice (RM14-RM18).

The International Buffet Lunch is reasonably priced at RM65 per adult and RM40 for children below 12 years old. For more information or reservation, call +607 599 6000 or drop them an e-mail at [email protected]

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