From India with Love at Café Bld

From India with Love at Café Bld 6

Café Bld at Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru is back at it again with their signature monthly themed buffet bringing you the spiced and colourful flavours of India this April.

From India with Love at Café Bld 1
Chef preparing the Bollywood style omelette

Ask anyone around the world what they consider to be the most flavourful food, and we can safely say that everyone would cheer on for Indian food! The rich flavours (and sometimes overwhelming to some) can leave a deep impression on your tastebuds.

Signature Indian dishes that you can expect at this buffet spread includes a good mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods such as the Chicken Tikka Masala, Fish Curry, Dhal with Capathi or Naan Bread, Eggplant Masala and more.

The live cooking stations will be serving numerous food items such as Satay, Roti Canai, Specially Spiced Deep Fried food and more.

From India with Love at Café Bld 3
Live stations preparing roti canai

Some other cuisines served to compliment the themed buffet are Pastas, Sushis, Cheese spreads, as well as fresh seafood and salads. This way you’re spoiled for more choices.

Desserts galore are also being served ranging from jellies to pudding, to the sweet delectable being prepared right in front of your eyes at the dessert station along with a free flow of Masala Chai Tea and Mango Lassi, perfect to end the evening!

Plan your plating well if you want to experience every part of the Indian cuisine as well as other local delicacies for only RM123.00 nett per person.

Renaissance weekends are every Friday and Saturday, so remember to book a scrumptious weekend treat for the family and friends by calling +607 381 3322 or email [email protected] for reservations.

Stay tuned for what’s next to be served on the monthly themed buffets at Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel exclusively from The Iskandarian.

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