Flight to Culinary Adventure at Dreamliner Airways Café

Flight to Culinary Adventure at Dreamliner Airways Café

This is your Captain speaking and you will embark on a journey to another level of culinary experience in the Dreamliner Airways Café, Tebrau. Launched in September a year ago, Jonathan Lee Wen Fong made his dream a reality by opening a café furnished with the best in-flight interior impersonation to give customers an extravagant eating atmosphere in Johor Bahru!

Flight to Culinary Adventure at Dreamliner Airways Café 1
Salted Egg Deep Fried Chicken Chop with Cheese Top Black Tea

Greeted with their ‘stewardess’, you will be seated according to your preferences either in large or small groups. Bear in mind that your table number is located on the cabin compartment above your head when jotting down your meals on their ‘Boarding Pass’ menu chit.

As the flight ‘departs’, it is time for fill up our empty stomach with their first meal on board, Salted Egg Deep Fried Chicken Chop. Whether you are eating for one or two, their big plates will test your dining experience prior to its big meal portion. As most diners out there offer Salted Egg cooked with seafood platters, give a go with chicken chop for a different taste here especially when served hot and let the creamy thick Salted Egg sauce satisfy your palate.

Sided with French fries and salad, request for an extra Salted Egg sauce as it can also be a good dip especially with its mixed ingredients of Western spices that gives you a bit of hotness aftertaste.

Another Dreamliner Airways Café signature dish is the Grill Salmon Lemon Cream. At first, we bet the tingling sourly feeling at the back of our mind but surprisingly, as the chef’s homemade lemon sauce recipe spread on top of the huge chunk Norwegian grilled salmon went into our mouths, it was a perfect balanced zesty-milky flavour. Again, we just love to dip our French fries with the remaining lemon sauce compared to the traditional chili sauce.

Flight to Culinary Adventure at Dreamliner Airways Café 3
Dreamliner Airways Café at Jalan Harmonium 53/1, Taman Desa Tebrau

When it is time to stop eating, we ordered their special drinks to quench our thirst. We end our meal with a very unique drink, Cheese Top Black Tea. As unique as it can be, do follow the right way to enjoy sipping it by tilting your glass 45 degree so that the viscosity of both cheese top and black tea flows and blend together to kick the flavours in.

A couple of years back, we were all crazy for the famous Klebang coconut milkshake and the café decided to retain the same menu. A full tall glass coconut milkshake won our hearts with its authentic sugariness that came from the coconut flesh and only blended with vanilla cream to produce mild creamy tang. Have it as a drink or a dessert as it definitely washes our palate and refreshing.

Your journey now has reached to the end of the flight experience and if you are lucky enough, customers will be treated with an in-flight announcement during your ‘take-off’ and ‘arrival’ gastronomy moment. Food and beverages available in the café are price tagged between RM10 to RM50 while their business hours are from 11am to 11pm daily.

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