Festive Cheer at Dyson MDC

Festive  Cheer  at  Dyson  MDC 5

The staff of Dyson Malaysia Development Centre (MDC) in Senai, Johor organised a Hari Raya lunch on 29th of June 2018 to celebrate the month of Ramadan and also the diversity within Dyson.

Adding colour to the ocasion, Dyson MDC invited 30 children from the Akademi Tahfiz Darul Ameer, Bandar Putra – a charity organisation which takes care of orphans and children from poor background – as special guests.

The children had a great time meeting with the employees of Dyson MDC and even performed a contemporary Nasyid number to show their appreciation.

The employees of Dyson MDC collected a donation for the tahfiz children totalling up to RM4,000.

Dyson MDC employees also showcased their talents with numerous performances to add to the festive cheer such as singing festive songs and a special in-house band performance.

Dyson MDC engineers designed and crafted a beautiful stage piece in the shape of a card-board mosque that carries both the engineering and festive theme together.

At the moment, Dyson MDC is working with 2 local schools in Johor. Earlier this year, Dyson MDC partnered with a local all-girls school in JB– Sekolah Tun Fatimah, where a number of Dyson MDC employees visited. In May, Dyson MDC also began working with the Science School in Kota Tinggi where 3 of Dyson MDC’s engineers mentored a workshop for the students.

Another collaboration initiative by Dyson is with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) where Dyson has established an official partnership in academic research and education.

With events like these, Dyson MDC hopes to set an example for other organisations and corporate companies out there to give back to the community and be a blessing to those in need.

Dyson MDC is in the midst of expanding and refurbishing their facility by constructing a new building between the existing Dyson building 1 and 2 at MDC. This is to create a large open space connected to the existing cafeteria which will act as a central meeting place for collaboration and work.

Festive  Cheer  at  Dyson  MDC
Children of Akademi Tahfiz Darul Ameer performing contemporarynasyid for the employees of Dyson MDC
Festive  Cheer  at  Dyson  MDC 4
John Churchill, Vice President of Floor Care Category handing out duit raya to the children
Dyson MDC’s very own in-house band performing a festive medley
Festive  Cheer  at  Dyson  MDC 10
A card-board mosque designed and crafted by Dyson engineers for the occasion

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