Fabricated City (Korean)


Release Date:                   20th April 2017

Genre:                               Action-Thriller

Directed by:                     PARK Kwang-hyun

Produced by:                   KIM Hyun-Chol

Cast:                                  JI Chang-wook, SHIM Eun-kyung, AHN Jae-hong


Although he’s the perfect and exemplary leader in the video game world, Kwon Yu (JI Chang-wook) is a plain and ordinary guy without a job. While playing his game at an internet café one day, he finds a lost phone and returns it to its owner, who is found brutally murdered the next morning and he becomes the prime suspect. Without any knowledge of what happened, he is tried in court. The evidence against him, including fingerprints and DNA samples, are stacking up and he has absolutely no recollection of ever doing anything that the prosecution is accusing him of.

He is given a life imprisonment without parole and has given up all hope on appeal. To his surprise, his video game teammate and an amateur hacker known as Mr. Hairy uncovers interesting tidbits of information and realises that someone plotted against Kwon Yu. Mr. Hairy assembles their teammates in order to clear his name and go after the real killer and a shadowy organisation that is hired to frame innocent citizens.

 Source: Sony Pictures Malaysia

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