Can We Love Through Confrontation? – Part 2

From Love to Unlove; What Can You Do? Part 1 1

Everyone has a fair share in confrontations. It is estimated that half of the population in this world are the source that expresses the essence of confrontations, and the other half are the ones who magnifies it. Everyone seems to be doing it naturally without needing to learn what it is, and most of us deal with confrontation unconsciously. After all, this is the art of the body bonding with another body whether through an emotional level, spiritual or physically.

Turning confrontation into love

If you have an intention to change and heal the world, first begin to understand your emotions and its confrontations. The pain and emotional sufferings that we experience comes from unresolved confrontations. Ask ourselves; are there any confrontations that we have not resolved? The answers could be individual and when we delve deeper into this question, we will find profound answers that carry all humanity’s pain. For example, our human psyche is embedded with unresolved confrontations that our ancestors started hundreds or thousands of years ago. That confrontation alone could have chained our freedom to evolve through love. And note that we will lose our inner peace just because we want to avoid confrontations.

In an individual level and relationship (marriage, friendship and etc), we can resolve confrontation through conscious discussion. We should take responsibilities on every word that we choose to speak during confrontation and of every emotion that we emit into this world. Also, all parties must be willing to participate without judgement. Just like friction, confrontation can help us grow in our relationship.

Nature grows beautifully through friction. Observe the seeds that turn into sprouts. It all happens gracefully and yet there is friction in it. Although the friction could be different on a mechanical level, but the principle is the same; that we all grow and evolve through frictions and confrontation.

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