Haliza Zurah

The Story of Frida Kahlo

Everybody agrees that Frida Kahlo is an example of a woman enduring multiple aspects of misfortunes be it self-image, failure to conceive, gender role and a cheating husband. Women’s sufferings are often overlooked in the world we live in today, especially in our culture that practices patriarchy. She was bold to reveal her ongoing struggles and illustrated them in her paintings that reflect women’s suffering and she used herself as

Get Up and Stand Up For Your Rights

Scenario 1: A woman abused by her husband decided to take legal action and bring the case to court. An elderly woman said “You shouldn’t have done that. He is the father of your children.” Scenario 2:  A 14 year old girl was brought to a clinic. She was captured overnight by a known male friend aged 19 years old. The mother asked the doctor to examine the girl’s virginity

Finding Spice

Romantic scenes are essential to make any story line more alive and interesting. A story of a soldier in a battlefield with flashes of his distanced wife can capture the audience’s hearts. But when movies use romance to glorify abuse, this may create a debatable issue. Gone with the Winds is an example of a movie in the history that romanticised abuse. The scene of Rhett Butler carrying Scarlett O’Hara

Finding Spice

“Why don’t you stop acting smart and just continue to prescribe Paracetamol,” He said on a fine afternoon when I was trying to give my opinion on a heavy subject. I know I am a good doctor; in fact I’m passionate about my job. I love to see patients walk out of the ward healthily and smiling again. But there was some emptiness that I felt because of the treatment

Dilemma of Single Women

Our society has evolved with time which includes changes in women’s role. Women have developed a sense of independence and credibility which allows them to become more productive in the society. However, there are certain actions or things we say that are very much embedded in our culture that denies their rights and compromises their dignity. We may not realise it but these actions are influential on their personal growth

Dilemma of Single Women

The recent statement by Kedah’s Exco in charge of religious affairs, Datuk Mohd Rawi Abd Hamid on the need to assist women to marry had caused a stir among the feminist groups in Malaysia. The term “anak dara emas” which describes spinsters or women who remain unmarried in their 30s or even late 20s was used in his statement. Most of these women were categorised as professionals with stable career

Blood Is Thicker Than Water: Picking a Side and Defending the Right Person

The subject is a common issue post-divorce predicament. Some relatives who’ve developed good rapport with the ex-spouse will experience a great dilemma in continuing the relationship. The main indicator to continue this relationship depends on the state of the divorce whether it was a bad one or based on a mutual separation. In order to respect the relative, many choose not to portray the good relationship with the ex-spouse among

The Art of Giving: Getting Involved in Charity

What is the meaning of life? The person asking this question is likely to feel empty with life that may seem meaningless. This irrational feeling can be dismissed while searching for value in life and inner peace by doing charity.  As Mahatma Gandhi once said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Anuradha Koirala is a social activist from Nepal who started

Female Submission: What Is The Limit?

Bonnie and Clyde was a famous couple in the Depression era in 1930s. Their love story was romanticised by their union in multiple robberies and murders. Bonnie submitted herself to Clyde and learnt to handle pistols and drive specifically to assist Clyde in their crime spree. Bonnie was found dead one day with her head on Clyde’s shoulder in a police ambush. Bonnie’s story describes the extent of a woman’s

Mothers Who Gave Up Custody

Women are naturally the caretaker of their children. Therefore, giving up custody to the ex-husband when the marriage is over can be controversial. Negative stigma from the society to these mothers usually surround on them being the ‘bad mothers’, selfish, heartless and career oriented. Traditionally, it’s much easier for women to obtain custody because of their nature of being more patient and loving in handling the children. According to Syariah