February 3, 2018

A Passport For Your Tastebuds: The Rise Of Food Tourism Across The Globe – Part Three 1

How To Fully Experience Food Travel Convinced to put food at the centre of your next journey? You’re joining the ranks of trekkers eager to try the most interesting and decadent food from around the world. The key is to take risks and learn how to experience local food in a memorable way. “The reality is that it’s on us as travelers to explore the diversity each country has to

Remembering the Needy

The Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) Johor Chapter’s CSR Project to ‘Feed the Hungry’ in collaboration with the Kechara Soup Kitchen Society Malaysia for 2017 ended with the last 150 packed food contributed by the Puteri Pacific Hotel as the last member of a series of seven. “As we are in the hotel business, we have the ready resources to help the homeless and hungry in our community.  More so