May 19, 2017

Iskandar Malaysia Reached the Second Tipping Point of its Development

The Iskandar Malaysia 10th anniversary in November last year marked the second tipping point of the economic development region. Iskandar Malaysia has surpassed its targets for the second phase of its development and in 2016 also entered its third development phase focusing on sustainability and innovation. The third wave of investments are expected to enhance the whole eco-system in Iskandar Malaysia as the spill-over effects will have higher impact to

The Squares of Sweetness 6

From the original fluffy Belgian to fusion waffle, everyone has the tendency to crave for a plate of waffles once in a blue moon and here are some of our favourite picks. Fork & Dagger by Agora (No. 11, Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru) When you’re in town, head to Fork & Dagger for a plateful of Waffle Magnum topped with four different fruit cutlets and chocolate syrup drizzled on a