May 11, 2017

May Drill: Abd Razak bin Mohd Yusoff – Chief Executive Officer (Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor Sdn Bhd (KPRJ)) 3

Razak is a graduate from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), with a degree in Town and Country Planning. He joined YTL Construction Sdn Bhd in 1992. He gained his knowledge in the construction industry there, specialising in the design and construction of the Nucleus Hospital projects. In 1996, he joined Trans Resources Corporation Berhad (TRC) and was involved in the construction of the Hotel Seri Malaysia chains. He was reassigned to

Untold Tales of Reality

KOMAS Freedom Film Fest (FFF) made a comeback this year and its first showcase down-south recently commenced at Southern University College that featured a series of short films entitled ‘Ida’s Choice’, ‘Kisah Ayahku’, and ‘Lak Boh Ki/Drop Nowhere’. As the Freedom Film Fest have been centering ideas around basic human rights and bringing up social issues happening around us as an eye-opener to the audiences, the trio short films produced