April 8, 2017

A Smoother Drive to an Integrated City 1

Future residents of Pantai Sentral Park are closer to having smoother drives to the commercial, retail and residential enclaves of Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar and Mid Valley City, thanks to the up and coming Pantai Sentral Park interchange. The construction for the 2.8km interchange started last October and will connect Pantai Sentral Park to the New Pantai Express Way (NPE) upon completion in the second quarter of 2018. A

A Run for Hope 1

Excelsior International School in Bandar Seri Alam held their annual Run for Hope in a bid to raise much-needed awareness and support for cancer research. Open to all ages, the run attracted more than 500 participations from parents and students of the school, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Pasir Gudang students and local community from all over Johor Bahru. “It was a great feeling to see so many people come out

Do You Have the Neymar Jr.’s Shot?

Upon its inaugural success last year, Neymar Jr.’s Five is back in the search for the next Malaysian representatives to be flown to World Finals at Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. in Brazil. Starting this April and for the very first time, the tournament commences and is open to teams of five to seven players aged 18 to 25 with two over-aged players allowed in each squad while national Finals will