April 5, 2017

MyFarm Outlet Opens Second Branch in Johor 2

Koperasi Iskandar Malaysia Berhad (imCoop) dubbed as second MyFarm Outlet programme in Johor has opened its doors to the public in Pengerang, aiming to offer customers with savings from 5% to 20% on fresh and agricultural products. Pengerang imCoop which is also owned and operated by Koperasi Pengerang Kota Tinggi Berhad (KOPETI) is imCoop’s 12th outlet operating in collaboration with related agencies such as Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Federal Agriculture

IRDA Staff Lends a Hand to Flood Victims

When nature takes its course, there is no telling of the extent of damage it leaves behind. That is exactly what happened when families living in Ulu Tiram were hit by floods early this year, leaving them stranded and helpless. The victims from 15 families including 21 children were those living in Kg Paya, Kg Serai, Kg Sg Redan Laut, and Kg Bukit Berangan in Ulu Tiram, Johor Bahru district