March 6, 2017

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Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Soundtrack Release Date: 10 March 2017 The soundtrack for the live-action re-telling of the beloved classic animated film from Walt Disney Studios will see a mass appeal with music at its centerpiece. It features 19 brand-new renditions, plus three end-title credits: John Legend/Ariana Grande covering the classic hit, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Celine Dion performing ‘How Does A Moment Last Forever’ and Josh Groban singing a

What’s Going on in Larkin? 4

The time has come for the southern gateway; the 23 year old Larkin Bus Terminal to receive a major refurbishment with state-of-the-art look and modern operating system after many years of operation that serves almost 27,000 commuters daily. Larkin Sentral, the 16-acres area that encompasses both bus terminal and the wet market was taken over by a private company under the management of Damansara Assets Sdn Bhd (DASB), a member