Why Giving Space in Your Relationship is Important? – Part 2


Spending time alone in a relationship is as important as being together. These are the benefits for giving space to your loved ones:

Love Begins with One’s Self
A loving relationship begins from Self-Love as the essence of Love is to be given. Couples who can love each other are people who have the capability to love themselves first. Loving oneself is about understanding, learning, mastering and exploring an individual’s journey and life purposes. This includes a process of healing each other’s body, mind and emotions. When couples allow exploring each other’s journey individually, they can expand their learning about each other too.

Healing from Energetic Friction
When two people share the same space, their Auric Field is connected to each other. There is some aspect of our energy which is compromised by others. There is also an experience of spark of attraction or repulsion, but this may not appear on the physical level. However, we do experience some form of friction in the energetic level. Any friction will directly involve the wear and tear of the body. Have you ever experienced tiredness after spending time together for a lengthy period? Have you ever felt mentally or emotionally suffocated from time to time? Energetic friction happens even in small amounts and usually it is not harmful. However, whenever the body shows the sign of people-fatigue, it tells us that we need an alone time to recover.

Imitation vs Authenticity
We often imitate each other’s characteristics without realising it. At the same time, we are longing for self-authenticity. Imitation provides us a learning experience of others, but imitation doesn’t last, and authenticity does. Spending time alone is about providing an opportunity to each other to discern between authenticity of one’s self and imitation of others. The deeper the couple knows the difference between these two characteristics, the better they understand their relationship.