Why Giving Space in Your Relationship is Important? – Part 1


Do you know a loving relationship is not just about spending time together? It is also about giving space to each other. In other words, we seek balance and harmony between being together in the same space and being alone in our own space too. The question is; how far do we understand the need to give each other space compassionately?

For example, what can we learn from the movies or dramas? Usually, we may observe couples giving each other space when they are in an argument. We do that naturally, so the physical and energy ‘body’ can heal after the friction on the energy level. However, the mind is conditioned to think differently. It usually believes that giving space is not a way to build a loving relationship. We probably think that spending time alone only leads us to break ups but what if having an alone moment to yourself is as important as being together? What if we could still love because we know when is the right time to spend moments together and when is not? What if, a balance relationship is about ‘you, me and us equally’?
Me Time

There are many ways why you should give space to yourself and to your loved ones frequently. The benefits are not just on the emotional level but also physically. However, it is best if couples can do it consciously. Giving each other space should come from a deep sense of love and not from arguments. For example; a husband should give space to the wife to relax because he recognises her need to rejuvenate. This can be a healthy practise in a busy family where the husband/wife gives space out of love and not because the other party demands the space which usually appears in a form of argument.

In the next issue, we will explore the benefits of spending time alone in a relationship.