What to Do with Your Anxiety and Depression? – Part 2


Healing begins with individuals and the society

The society needs to see Anxiety and Depression for what it is. At the purest level of energy, anxiety and depression is a chemical process that has the potential to enhance survival and creativity. Ever wonder why creative people are normally depressed? Before anxiety and depression turns into a chemical imbalance, that energy can serve individuals and the society in many ways. Just because we haven’t discovered the potential from this process, it doesn’t mean anxiety and depression is bad. With an understanding how energy works, we can channel anxiety and depression before it turns into mental illnesses.

The society can offer to heal by speaking up about anxiety and depression in a neutral conversation. Treat anxiety and depression like a normal headache. Each individual knows how to heal, and collectively the body does the same too. Believe that the pain will pass.

Individual healing takes courage

There are a few things one can do to recover. For anxiety and depression to heal, one must allow the pain to be heard. Never deny the process, the panic and deep sadness. Instead sit with them like they are your friends. Whenever you have anxiety or are feeling depressed, take a deep breath and feel the energy. You will notice that it’s just a tiny flame screaming for attention.

Another way to heal is through the act of giving back. Throughout our life, we have taken so much, and we give less. Give what you have back to the world. It doesn’t have to be money. You can give your time and energy for free to others.

Anxiety and depression needs some light and recognition. Individual and collective ignorance will only make the experience more painful. Find people that you trust and talk about it with them. Professionals and therapists like psychiatrics and healers are great people to begin with.