The Silent Killer in a Relationship – Part 2


Another silent killer is Guilt; the energy designed to destruct and condemn. Unlike shame, guilt has more force in its expression where it uses force to destruct whatever foundation, and whereas shame focuses on elimination of life. Guilt uses individual and society to manipulate and condition certain form of thinking and behaviour. Although shame is weaker than guilt, both these silent killers form a crack in our relationship and society.
Feelings associated with shame and guilt

The feelings carried by guilt are blame and remorse. It starts as an individual and penetrates into families, society, organisations, government and nations. Guilt is likely to relate itself to sin and salvation. This is how the silent killer changes its mask. In relationships, we use guilt to punish others whom we think are committing sin or doing something differently that what we do.

On the other hand, shame adapts a different form of feelings known as humiliation and paranoia. That is why when we face the energy of shame in others; we are likely to eliminate the same feelings in us by shoving it off. Shame is likely to lead into killing; either by eliminating the host or ending the lives of others, whereas guilt is prone to punishment.
Healing shame and guilt

A relationship with an embodiment of Love gives us solid foundation to prolong the relationship. But in the presence of shame and guilt, even a small spark in our emotions can weaken our ability to love and show compassion.

To heal, we must acknowledge and address these feelings consciously. Speak about it to the right people. Practise compassion when you deal with shame and guilt (whether it’s in you or others). These energies often feel dark because it has never tasted the Light. Addressing the Truth helps Light shine upon shame and guilt. This way, we heal not just ourselves but our psyche and indirectly heal those who suffer from these silent killers.