The Silent Killer in a Relationship – Part 1


Let’s take a quiz, shall we? What do you think kills a loving relationship silently? The silent killer doesn’t reveal itself directly through communication but it usually disguises in many forms including as a victim or as a person who desire to be in control. The silent killer can be manipulative. Its defence mechanism is its ability to change its mask so quickly, so we never get to figure out the root cause of our unhappiness.
Almost everyone has this silent killer buried deep inside their psyche. In individuals, this silent killer consumes most of the individual’s energy.

However, the moment an individual share the auric space with others (especially when in a relationship), the silent killer starts to consume everyone’s energy to experience joy and love. But even if we claim that our relationship is loving and healthy after decades of marriage, we can’t run away from the conditioning field of this silent killer. Therefore, it is very important to become aware of this silent killer, so we could heal not just ourselves but also the people in our relationship and those who are in the conditioning field.

Shame – Designed to eliminate
If you want to know how shame feels like, try having a conversation with someone who has the tendency to kill themselves! If you feel the slightest discomfort in you and try pushing this feeling away; be aware that it’s the taste of shame. Elimination is what shame does. Individual or couples who embody shame in their relationship usually live in misery and doesn’t connect themselves to the essence of Life. Shame influences individual to eliminate life. In a relationship, shame kills not just joy and love but usually ends the life of others too.

In the next issue, let’s discover more about shame and the other silent killer, and how to transcend these energies into healing and Love.