The Heaven Within – Part 1

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Can you describe Joy? It is not just happiness. The essence of joy is deeper than superficial excitement. In spirituality, joy is an inner ecstasy that stimulates the cognitive to perceive the world beyond the surface. This normally comes together with the joy of the body and the acceptance of the emotional state at that moment. Joy is the heaven within you.

The joy of life is not that hard to experience. It is the easiest experience to achieve because it’s in our nature to be joyful. Humans are capable in achieving simple state of joy just by sitting on the couch and enjoying the morning breeze that they feel on their skin. Even though joy is a common trip in meditation but not everyone meditates.

However, most of us never tasted joy in ourselves. We seek the feeling of inner excitement through others, which doesn’t last long. Therefore, we missed the most powerful feelings in our life – The feeling of aliveness and vitality. Another factor that contributes to lack of joy is the ‘prison mentality’. It is easy to stay trapped in our mental world than enjoying the moments around us. Here’s what you can do to exercise your awareness in experiencing your own inner joy.

 Free from Self-Judgement

We judge ourselves frequently. We begin by thinking about it and then verbalising it upon ourselves. The most common judgement is “I’m not good enough”. Every time we judge ourselves, we are suppressing our inner joy. Watch our thoughts and how it traps us to think we are not worthy of joy. Observation reduces the tendency to verbalise judgement. Once we stop verbalising self-judgement, we transcend the judgement into acceptance. Inner joy can be felt through the acceptance that our imperfection as a human is beautiful and powerful.

In the next issue, I’m going to explore inner joy through the simplicity of life and the power of saying NO to others.