Taming Anxiety and Depression through Food – Part 2


Food can be a healing catalyst but it also can be a poison to the body. In addition to that, how we eat our food can improve our digestive system which affects the relationship between the gut and the brain. However, how aware are we when we eat our food? All the little things we consume do affect our mental and emotional health.

There are a few things you can do to promote healing for anxiety and depression. For example, try the Sugar Detox programme. If you can remove processed sugar from your daily meals, you are likely to improve your mental health entirely. This is the hardest healing process because sugar is addictive. We can find processed sugar in almost every food we eat and this is the biggest addiction we face. Unfortunately, we hardly acknowledge sugar addiction as an addiction. Excessive sugar intake can impair the cognitive function and it slows down our healing potential mentally, physically and emotionally.

The other way is to reduce the amount of processed food that you eat. Instead, feed your body with natural food. Whenever you consume foods that have a high resource of natural nutrition and information, it gives your gut-brain access to nature. On the spiritual level, when we take natural food, we begin to align with nature too. That means, we begin to take life at a slow pace and energetically moving gracefully. Anxiety, on the other hand, accelerates our pace and depression decreases our flow.

Practice mindfulness when we eat. Pay attention to the body when we eat. Notice how our body communicate with us. There are many eating programmes that can help you improve your mental health. Look for any programmes that may change your consciousness around food and not just by mere diet. Do give yourself the courage to change the way you eat and see what happens to your anxiety and depression.