Taming Anxiety and Depression through Food – Part 1


Do you know food is not just a medley of nutrients but also a bundle of information we feed our body and brain? In relation to anxiety and depression, food has a big influence in shaping how we experience anxiety and depression.

In the human state of consciousness, anxiety and depression sits in the low level of consciousness. That means we are living with weaker muscle and body. Most people with anxiety or depression are struggling to survive because a weaker body can lose a lot of energy when experiencing anxiety and depression. Fatigue (on the emotional side), physical and mental level is common in anxiety and depression.

Proper nutrition can help strengthen the body. Imagine this; food is a complex information source synthesized by the body. What we eat, is what we experience in terms of biochemical and information. When we feed our body the right nutrition that promotes biochemical harmony and balance, the end information we give the brain is – balance and harmony.

Based on the human state of consciousness, how we view the world and our muscle strength (in terms of kinesiology) are related to each other. Think about this; our brain is a muscle. A stronger brain can process information better than a weaker brain. People who are living in a higher state of consciousness see things differently. Whereas, anxiety and depression represent a weaker brain and repress our perspective in many ways.

Promoting Mental Health through Food

Food can help us alter our state of consciousness to a higher level. When we eat food that has its natural essence intact, we gain its natural information. For example, a bowl of salad contains richer information from the nature, than a pack of fast food. A bowl of salad connects us to nature, whereas the fast food pulls us away from nature. Imagine how this affects our gut and the brain on the energy level. Meanwhile, ponder how these two foods affect the state of anxiety and depression.