Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru’s Home-Grown and Mall-Favourite Designs at Neon-Fashion Week 2019


Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru’s fashion week in October presented the hottest designs and trends from local fashion designers and top store brands

The runway is often a bold and colourful testament to fashion, what more when filled with upbeat tones of neon. As far as trends go, neon colours are timeless options that add a little delightful shock value to your outfit – to stand out from the crowd, as they say.

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Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru recently launched its Neon-Fashion Week 2019 on 25th October 2019 followed by three days of fashion shows from 21 home-grown brands.

Introducing the Home-Grown Designers

Here are some of the local designers who featured their collections at Neon-Fashion Week 2019:

Micheal Ooi

Micheal Ooi launched his label in 2016. Ooi combines his love for aesthetics with functionality, mixes fashion designs with his industrial design background, and collaborates with artists outside or within the fashion industry in order to create a modern, sophisticated, and clean ideology.

Micheal also represents Malaysia as an esteemed member and fashion ambassador of ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase. He was awarded the Most Promising Designer Award at Borneo Fashion Week 2018.

Hero T

This new collaboration between Hero Tai and Micheal Ooi showcases sporty unisex wear. The collection follows a Sports Fashion concept, which is inspired by the elements of 16 sport activities including MotoGP, scuba diving, snowboarding, and surfing.

The entire collection follows a black-and-gold colour theme. It represents how every athlete fights for gold, with black being the best colour to enhance the excellence of the colour gold


Glancez is a contemporary fashion label based in Hong Kong, owned by a Malaysian from Johor Bahru. This sustainable brand has a zero-waste policy and does not use animal materials. It focuses purely on bright and attractive garments that are comfortable.  Glancez has showcased its collection at Paris Fashion Week as well.

Ranndy Goh

Ranndy Goh is a famous designer from Penang.

Ranndy once said, “I believe that fashion should be luxurious yet practical while retaining a touch of femininity.” He brings with him over 20 years of experience in the local circles, earning a name for his bold innovation in fashion.

The designer’s portfolio includes collaborations with Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Habib Jewellery.

Neon-Fashion Runway Event

In addition to promoting local designers, the runway also featured notable brands which can be found in the mall: Carlo Rino, Nana Collection, Spiffy, Mixxo, Common Sense, Good2U, SPAO, Owl, A-Look, Seen, COCO, Parkson (Sfera, MDS, Trucco) and Hundred% (TNT, Stoned, Eversince) to showcase their best collection.

Prominent local celebrities had also graced the Neon Fashion Week to officiate the launch of the event, including Wayne Chua (蔡佩璇), formally with MediaCorp Singapore and NTV7. She acted in many award-winning drama series such as “The Golden Path (黄金路)”, “Forget Me Not (最爱)”, and “Fallen Angel (天使的烙印)”. Her career path has recently brought her back to Malaysia. Jeffrey Cheng (庄惟翔), a former runway model that earned his stripes in “The UNO Manhunt Malaysia”, “The Best Model of the World (Malaysia)” and “The Hottest Hunks Malaysia”. His popularity led him to diversify his career as an actor, singer and host with MediaCorp Singapore and NTV7. Hero Tai (戴祖雄), a multi-talented Malaysian celebrity that is also the founder of the apparel brand Hero T. He is an actor and host with IQIYI, Beijing and Taiwan “iWalker HERO (愛玩客 HERO)”. Apart from these roles in fashion and entertainment, Hero is also a certified nutritionist, weight management specialist, swim coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach and practitioner, and experienced wakeboarder.

Finally, Amira Othman, a prominent Malaysian singer, actress and host. She began her career as a singer upon her graduation from Akademi Fantasia in 2013, from which she emerged second runner-up. She released her first single “Sesaat Untukku” in the same year, followed by her second single “Hati Hati” in 2015. Amira also hosted “Nasi Lemak Kopi O”, a TV9 talk show, in 2016 and 2017. Amira had performed during the launch event on 25th October.

Overall, the Neon Fashion Week was a success and we look forward to its next venture.