Melancholy – The Hidden Creativity or Potential Depression? – Part 2


Melancholy is inevitable. All ages experience it. Despite how similar the state of melancholy is, the reactions between adults and children are somewhat different. 

Children often deal with melancholy innocently. They normally want to be with themselves and express their feelings through their favourite activities. This is one way of channelling creativity. For adults, our perception that we are a creative being is limited. Therefore, to spend time alone and to connect with melancholy may not be our first choice, let alone expressing the emotional sadness. This is why we lack creativity. We suppress the process because we think melancholy is something not worth paying attention to.

If you experience this feeling of sadness that happens without a cause, the first thing you need to do is sit through the feeling. Observe if your mind is trying to create a story behind the melancholy; which is not important. Never suppress the feeling because it only leads to disruption of the energy flow. Prolonged suppression could cause severe sadness and potential depression and anxiety. 

If you have a child that often experiences melancholy, it is healthy to let your child know that the feeling is just a chemical process of being a human being. Guide them to channel their creativity in the way they want it. Children who are forced to not accepting melancholy often express aggressive behaviour as a sign of dealing with interrupted energy flow. 

Understand that melancholy is a normal behaviour in adults and children. As a person, we are a highly creative creature, and creativity always finds its way to be in this world. The process is not easy and normally painful because creativity is a creation. It takes time for creativity to ripe; therefore, we are constantly being pulled to experience melancholy. It’s just a way of creativity saying, “Sit with me so I can be produced”!