Meet Me Half Way – Part 2


Communication through emotions is abstract. That means there is no solid ground that says, ‘here’s the logic’. We feel what we feel when we socialise with others and emotions construct our ability to take in and give out what we feel. This is the beauty of experiencing Emotional Intelligence. However, the problem in most of the relationships is that we take in too much and give out too little. We are not well-trained to surf the emotional waves; particularly the nervousness that we feel. This is why we choose to suppress our emotions instead of talking about it.

Go Beyond the Nervousness
Nervousness that arises from the emotional awareness is an indication that the emotional waves is in motion. With the nervousness, no one could see what is good for them in their relationships. It’s like trying to see your reflection through the ripples of water. Without clarity, solutions become distorted. Most people act out of nervousness and hope they could shake it off. That’s not how Emotional Intelligence works. In any emotional connection, particularly in confrontations, one must go beyond the nervousness. To do so, we must be patient and wait for the emotional waves to subside before we make any decisions pertaining to the relationship.

Time is the Only Solution
Time is an ally when it comes to emotional bonding and confrontation. We take time to bond on an emotional level and we take time to resolve conflicts. Be patient in communicating your feelings. It is about getting your emotions out in a healthy way that could save you and your relationship. Always remember that there is no clarity the moment you feel an emotional sensation in your body. Only time will show you clarity. Meanwhile, speak about how the two of you feel and then meet each other half way.