Meet Me Half Way – Part 1


Do you know where does social awareness come from? Social awareness comes within our body and it gives us the feeling and urge to bond in many levels of social interaction. There are three different forms of awareness in a human body; body awareness that focuses on survival of the body, mental awareness that acts as self-reflective consciousness and social awareness, which serves as Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is connected to social interaction including sexual bonding, caring and support, sense of adventure and moodiness. If you realise, human these days have reached a point where emotions play the biggest part in our lives and relationship. One thing we need to know about Emotional Intelligence is how it moves within our body through the waves. It is the waves that give us moments of high hopes and low sadness and pain. That is the reason why we cannot stay happy or sad forever. In the presence of emotional waves, we have no clarity in communicating our emotions to others. That doesn’t mean we should stay silent. In relationship, communication and transparency of emotions are important.

Here are tips on how we could communicate our emotions in a healthy way. You can use this in any confrontation in the relationship too.

Meet Me Half Way
Most of the communication between two or more people comes from a place of emotions. Therefore, clarity is rare. It’s easy to fall into misunderstanding when two people communicate through their emotional waves. Instead of avoiding communication at all, try ‘Meet Me Half Way’.
You can begin the process by acknowledging and sharing the emotions you two feel about issues and find the middle ground where communication could land on the same spot of truth. You may face intense emotions that could cloud you from speaking up. This is where a couple needs to practice communicating about their emotions consciously.