Joanne Kam La La Lian: Nationwide Tour Heat up the 15th Johor Arts Festival

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A one-woman comedy that hurt the stomach of many (for laughing out loud)

On the 18th of September 2018, Puteri Pacific Hotel witnessed the truly personal comedy storytelling by Joanne Kam, the famous comedian.

Born in Johor and raised in Penang, Ipoh and later in Johor Bahru, Joanne Kam shared her nomadic life journey to the audience in her very own style. The show was part of the 15th Johor Arts Festival by Johor Society for the Performing Arts.

Papi Zak, the renowned comedian kicked off the night with his own unique stand-up comedy and caught the audiences’ attention and people burst out laughing at his jokes.

Comedian, Papi Zak as the opening presenter (pic by JSPA)

As soon as the audiences’ mood was set, Joanne Kam took the stage and began her one-woman show with her childhood story.

Her teenage years were very challenging. After her father died, her mom fell sick, but she bounced back, never gave up and entered Haw Par Villa in Singapore. From there, her career continued to blossom to Boom Boom Room which later lead to almost three decades of experience in the entertainment industry including TV shows and radio channel.

The 90-minutes show passed quickly that Kam did not give any chance for the audience to even yawn as her story was specially delivered and exclusive for the members of the floor.

Oh yes, did I mention there was a surprise dance performance in between her story?
Even though she told her life journey in a comedic tone, her story remains inspiring and had motivated the audience in many ways.

Audiences were amazed by the inspiring story from Joanne Kam (pic by JSPA)

The 15th Johor Arts Festival is one of Malaysia’s longest-running festivals which had started from 1st of September 2018. The Festival had showcased Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra performance by internationally acclaimed artistes from Germany and Singapore, Wayang Kulit Puppet Workshop to Johor Bahru Piano Festival and tomorrow will be Parampara sitar concert by Ustad Usman Khan brought to us by The Temple of Fine Arts.
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