Grieving Together – What to Expect? – Part 1


Death happens every moment and it is inevitable. On the spiritual level, death takes place when the cycle of life ends. It can be the experiences that no longer serve us or a relationship that we don’t even remember anymore. All this subtle death may (or may not) come with a small amount of grief that may not affect our relationship until we are hit with a death of a family member.

If you and your loved ones experience the death of people you know, first things to expect are grief and traumas. The behaviour that you or your loved ones are experiencing is made up by grief. A relationship that is surrounded by grief will be challenged in many ways. To keep the relationship healthy throughout the grieving period, one must expect these outcomes.

Expect physical changes and potential illness
Maps of Consciousness, produced by David. R Hawkins, MD., Ph.D*; states that grief weakens our body. When the body is weak, illnesses are likely to happen. A grief that is not consciously treated would probably cause hard work in our immune system. People who experience grief state that it affects their breathing. Flu-like illnesses are common during the grieving period. Your sex drive may also be affected too. All of these are signs that the body is weakened and adapting to the loss.

Treating grief consciously requires a high level of awareness and spirituality. Although the body would probably experience weakness, it may not cause great damage to the system and to the relationship. If you and your loved ones begin to feel ill during the grieving period, give each other support; emotionally, mentally and physically.

Understand grief could help us maintain the bonding we have with others. In the next issue, we are going to explore the other two changes that we may expect during the mourning period.
*Source – The Book Power Vs Force.