Emotional Communication: How We Do It? – Part 2


Be mindful of our emotions (continued from part 1)

Whenever we react to emotions and moodiness unconsciously, we stimulate pain. This is especially widely prevalent in social media. There are many people who project their emotional pain and uses issues to channel the emotions without responsibility. The pain is not just affecting them but the readers too.

Every single emotion is a biochemical process in our body and each has a frequency. If we can grasp that emotions have its own intelligence, we would know that we have no control over what we feel. The only thing we can do is to be mindful about it. Without mindfulness, we may not be able to resolve any emotional conflicts or have compassion for ourselves and others.

The right way to communicate our emotions

If you are feeling any emotional pain and need to express it, do pick the right people to discuss it. The receivers of the emotions may or may not be ready to experience the overwhelming strength of your emotional frequency. This is also the reason why some people walk away from confronting any emotional discomfort.

Ask them if they have a mental space to listen to your emotional experiences. Remember that anything you speak from the emotional level does have an impact on the receiver.

Imagine if you are channelling your emotional outburst and the receivers are not prepared to experience the pain. This is where we create endless confrontation with others.

In communicating any emotional pain, an open discussion is needed, so both the giver and the receiver are aware of any reaction towards guilt, shame and blame. It also takes mastery to deal with any emotional pain and drama. People such as psychologists, therapists and healers are trained to experience such frequency and hold the space for you to be in a harmonious flow. Nevertheless, to ask permission to share is a compassionate way to communicate our emotional experiences.