Emotional Communication: How We Do It? – Part 1


Have you realised that we are getting more emotional these days? Just look at the social media responses at any given issues. From there, you can see the pattern of emotions where people express themselves so easily online. Stimulation over emotions is getting obvious everywhere, whether we aware of it or not. Take advertisements for example. Advertisements that can stimulate a person’s emotions would have a lasting impact for a long time. And that’s the only way businesses connect with people; through emotions. That’s how important our human emotions are.

Emotions are more than just human expressions. We connect through emotions. Emotions are a new form of communication. We manifest and act through emotions too. It also have the potential to manifest wealth, through an inner fire we call passion. Emotions are the doors to our Inner Spirit. And yet, we have not discovered full potential from our emotional intelligence but maybe we will in the future. Meantime, there are ways to keep our emotions healthy, particularly in relationships.

Are you expressing your emotions or suppressing it?
Emotions are energy in motion. Whenever emotions are stimulated, the ripples of emotions need an outlet to flow in harmony. When we suppress the energy flow, it will likely turn inward. These often interrupt the energy body and prolong, and may affect the physical wellbeing too. For example, a grief that is not acknowledged or spoken about may affect the health of the lungs. The other organs that are affected by emotions are kidneys, pancreas and prostate. Therefore, it is important to have a healthy outlet for your emotions.

Be mindful of our emotions
It’s alright to be emotional and moody. It is what we do with the feeling that counts. How do we express moodiness? Are we projecting the pain to others? Or do we talk about it with awareness?
In the next issue, we are going to explore the right way to communicate our emotions to others.