Can We Love Through Confrontation? – Part 1


How much do we understand about frictions and confrontations? Do you believe if I say that Peace and Love can arise through friction and confrontation? Our mind has been programmed to take these words negatively because we have been bombarded by the message that every confrontation will lead to a broken relationship and war. Without awareness and understanding, we do not know that friction and confrontation is part of a process where humans can love one another.

Our challenge is to view friction and confrontation without adding the negative essence to it. Friction on its pure form is neither negative nor positive. Instead, friction is just part of a mechanical defence that protects our energy field when we bond with others. Confrontation on the other hand, is the source to understand Emotional Intelligence. The moment we can see these two essences neutrally, we can see how humans are bonding and growing in their relationship. For example; flirting is a form of friction, so is argument. Either way, both has its beauty.

In Human Design (a system that explains new mechanical science of being human), there is a beautiful explanation for friction which is; Growth cannot exist without friction.

This is how we relate to each other and this is how we pro-create in many levels. First it begins with energy friction through our auric field. Then it evolves into intimacy (whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual). With intimacy, we are open to experience the Emotional Intelligence through empathy and confrontation. Have you realised that all confrontations are emotional? There is abundance of joy, pain, hope, excitement, nervousness and many more spectrums of emotions in confrontation. And our love could grow deeper through it. This doesn’t mean we need to get into a fight to be loved. What we need is understanding and awareness that we can confront in a healthy and healing way.