World Leading Music Comes To Johor

Heineken Live Your Music (Photo by All Is Amazing)

Kick-start your celebration with elevated music experiences in Johor Bahru, powered by Heineken Live Your Music

In December, Heineken Live Your Music invites its fans to join the brand for two weekends of high energy back-to-back music experiences across 4 cities featuring innovative artist collaboration and performances from established global and local music icons.

Rolling out across the country from Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka to Johor, Heineken Live Your Music is your gateway to world leading music experiences, featuring Porter Robinson, Andrew Rayel, Dyro and DJ Irwan.

Party with Dyro on the 15th Dec – Heineken Live Your Music

Be on the lookout for surprises that will elevate your music experience with Malaysia’s leading creative influencers and tastemakers. Catch DJ Goldfish and his up and coming talents from Goldsounds Academy, the kaleidoscopically inventive LAH’LAH’LAND at their 10th Anniversary as well as dance icon MayB Wong and her crew free styling their way onto the dancefloor.

Join us on our music journey, as Heineken Live Your Music celebrates 2018 with more unforgettable memories!

Your gateway to music experiences (Photo by All Is Amazing)

Inspired by its followers, Live Your Music is a global movement that sees music from the fans’ perspective. It uses the collective passion for experiencing music as its foundation to craft shareable and memorable moments. Since it debuted in Malaysia, Live Your Music has engaged fans across multiple events, including DVBBS, Good Vibes Festival, 88 Rising, Tiësto, MaRLo, Zedd and more.

NOTE: Admission information is available from the respective club and is subject to club rules and regulations. For information on Heineken Live Your Music, go to and